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Personalized Umrah
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We provide low-cost Umrah tours with a completely customized program for persons who prefer to organize their own tour with optional services.

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Delivering customized services tailored to fit your needs

With our personalized services, you can choose when you want to go Umrah, where you want to stay and what services you would like to have.

24/7 Customer service

You are not alone! we are with you all the way to get a stress-free journey.

Premium service

Your comfort is important to us, we make sure to provide you with a quality service fits your needs. 

Ready to go!

Get a seamless journey with our easy booking platform to start Umrah tours whenever you want.

Low-cost Flights

We provide special rates for Umrah tours.

Tours departing from Brussels

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kaaba sketch design

Available cities

Choose your city to check the available departure of Umrah flights

Umrah Guide

Read full details of your Umrah journey for a seamless experience.

Customers Reviews

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It was my first time to go Umrah, and I used umrah2go which was an easy experience and fit with my budget.
Omar Salamah

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It was as described and I am sure I will repeat it again.
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